The activities of the Pori Pentecostal Church include worship services, prayer services, children’s ministry, early youth ministry, Ranger’s scouting, family and marital ministry, work in the neighborhood, evangelism, immigrant ministry, music activities, diaconal work.

The congregation is active in short and long-term missions abroad.

The key events of our weekly program are:

Sunday at 11 am Worship, on the first Sunday of the month holy communion
Sunday at 11.15 pm Sunday School for Children
prayer meetings, several times in a week
Wednesdays at 6 pm The Basement Evening
every other Tuesday at 10 am Kids Club
once a month on Friday at 6pm MIX functional night for elementary school students and every second month on Friday at 6:30 pm MAX Functional Evening for 6-9 graders.
Saturdays at 7 pm Life Evening for youth
Thursdays at 12 noon for senior citizens
regular occasions in the city’s various suburbs

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joyful music of God

personal speeches

inspiring sermons and the teaching of the Word